Sony planning to release six new games in Hindi

Seeking to hijack the potentially lucrative Indian gaming market, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe is planning to release games in the regional languages in India. Business Standards has reported that Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, which holds 80 percent gaming market in India, is looking to release at least six games in Hindi this year.

Business Standards has articulated that the gaming and animation giant - Sony Computer Entertainment has decided to release new games in Hindi after the success of first Hindi title, Hanuman; the company sold 10,000 units on the first day. The sales of Hanuman have indicated the potential of regional language games. Hanuman was developed by the Hyderabad-based Aurona Technologies.

Business Standards has quoted Atindriya Bose, country manager - playstation, Sony Computer Entertainment, in its report. Mr. Bose has said "We introduced the first regional language game 'Hanuman' on March 25, this year. Hanuman saw 10,000 units being sold to the trade on day one of its launch. Usually, a good international title would see 3,000-4,000 units sale on the first day. This proved the potential of regional games."

According to Mr. Bose, the company is expecting the sales of 50,000 units of the Hanuman, against the 30,000 units originally aimed by the company. Normally, International titles sell around 15,000 units. Bose has said, "Again, initially we had set a target of selling 30,000 units of the Hanuman game in the first year of its launch, but now we have revised it to 50,000 going by its demand. Any international title would sell close to 15,000 units in one year."

According to Business Standards, after Hindi, Sony Computer Entertainment is looking to release Playstation games in Tamil Bengali, Telugu and Punjabi. The games in Hindi will include the action games based on the Mumbai under world and some games oriented around Indian mythology.

According to Mr. Bose, the regional language games that we are planning to release will be regional not just in terms of language, but also in terms of characters, scenery and stories. Bose has stated, "Bangalore-based Candela Software is developing two quiz-based education games which would help students prepare for competetive exams. Another Hyderabad-based company Gameshastra is developing four games on Indian rural tradition, like 'gili danda', 'kabbadi', among others."

Meanwhile, the Walt Disney Co. (India) has also announced that it will publish comic books featuring globally loved cartoon characters such as Mickey Mouse and Donald duck, in Hindi. The comic books will be priced at Rs25. In a statement, Roshini Bakshi, regional director, Disney Consumer Products, Asia and India, said, "The launch of comic books in Hindi, reinforces our commitment to localize our stories and connect with the Indian consumers through content, that is appealing and relevant."

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