Yeh Mera India: Review

Filmmaker N Chandra’s latest flick ‘Yeh Mera India’, which released all over this Friday, makes you feel for your country. This film is an attempt to bring together the lives of twelve people, who come from diverse backgrounds. So, ‘YMI’ tries to highlight sensitive issues like racial discrimination, communal bias, immigrant issues, class and caste issues etc by weaving in multiple stories together.

The movie stars extremely talented actors like Anupam Kher, Atul Kulkarni, Seema Biswas, Milind Gunaji, Rajit Kapoor, Rajpal Yadav and Sarika among others. Good dialogues and great direction are the two biggest strengths of this film. The way Chandra has succeeded in connecting all the stories together is also commendable.

The best part of the film is that each story connects with you and talks about the values which we have forgotten, as Indians, and it’s time start incorporating them. The film is about the Indians and the hidden treasures inside them. ‘YMI’ mainly is the story of Indians and the hidden treasures inside them.

On the whole, ‘Yeh Mera India’ has its heart in the right place. This one’s a must watch.

Rating: 9/10

Yeh Mera India | Mirror Image Of The Society!

By Sampurna

Recently, a press conference was held by the Pen Movie’s film Yeh Mera India (Y.M.I) in Time and Again in Mumbai. Almost the entire team of Y.M.I was present at the Press-Conference including Director N.Chandra, Producer Dhaval Gada, M.D of Pen Music Jayantilal Gada, C.E.O of Pen Music Rajiv Sogani, Smilie Suri, Perizad Zorabian, Anupam Kher, Rajpal Yadav, Praveen Dabbas, Purab Kohli, Seema Biswas, Vijay Raaz, Milind Gunaji, Atul Kulkarni, Music director duo Siddhartth Suhas and singer Kavita Seth. To widespread their goodwill Boney Kapoor and Satish Kaushik also marked their presence. Media had gathered in large number.

The promos of the film were showcased for the media. The film is believed to have a realistic approach and portrays the dark side of complexities of elements of the society, which plays vital role to shape up our life, believes, thoughts and action.

Director N.Chandra said, “Y.M.I deals with issues like racial bias, communal bias, immigrant bias that plague today’s society and the outcome create unnecessary unrest in peace and harmony of the nation. It is the story of one day in the life of 12-13 people from different strata of Mumbai having different goals, and wants. The U.S.P of the film is that before interval one will ask a question with disappointment “Yeh Mera India?’ and after the interval one will say with a sigh of relief to find solutions and answers to long-range problems, Yeh Mera India!”

In the press conference Anupam Kher says, “I have worked with Mr. N.Chandra in the past but I strongly feel that “Y.M.I’ is the finest film of N.Chandra and everyone will vouch on that. The film has a universal appeal and I agreed to do the film in 5 minutes of the narration. The entire team of Y.M.I is highly thankful to Mr.Jyantilal and Dhaval Gada to produce such a film, which has no masala-element in it and only hard-hitting reality.”

Boney Kapoor who came on a goodwill gesture towards the film, said, “I have come here to show my togetherness towards the entire star-cast. I was highly touched after seeing the film, and therefore decided that I need to associate myself with this film.” On other hand Satish Kaushik said, “Me and Boney Kapoor got emotionally attached to the film instead of getting commercially attached.”

Rajpal Yadav is playing a vital role in the film, he said, “This film is very special to me and I feel proud and obliged to be associated to the film. Film showcases those questions, which we imprint on our thoughts, believes, actions, missions, visions and live life with those unsolved and unanswered questions. We the team of Y.M.I have worked as a football team, where the goal is the same, of building an awareness but roles are different.”

Smile Suri said, “This film is a mirror-image of the complexities of the society.” Perizad Zorabian who was also present in the conference said, “I can feel passion in the screenplay, to sum up it is real, honest, hard-hitting and N.Chandra to the core.”

The music duo added, “It is a phenomenal film, which doesn’t require music. But this is a poetry written by N.Chandra and we composed the music for it, and this was the best way to be associated to this film.”

Seema Biswas had much to say, “It is not what role one plays in the film; it is what difference the role makes in the film, and how incomplete the film is if the character is kept aside. I loved the subject of the film and hopefully will work in future with him.”

So, people get ready for another hardcore reality film, which is in full gear to make an impression on the mind of people and force them to re-think and bring a change.
-Sampurn Media